Golden Triangle Baptist Association
Sunday, August 20, 2017
Helping our churches to fulfill the Great Commission

News & Events

August 2017 News


August 6 …Social Issues Emphasis



August 7…Clay Ministers’ Conf.; Pheba; 6:30pm


August 19-21 …Professional Certification & Skill                Shops for Ministry Assistants, Garaywa;                    8:00am, 8th—4:30pm, 10th


August 11-12 …Growing Churches Conference, Harrisbug BC, Tupelo 6pm, 11th-12pm, 12th


August 14…Clay Ministers’ Conf.; Pheba; 6:30pm


August 17 …Administrative Team Meeting, GTBA; Noon


August 21…Clay Ministers’ Conf.; Riverside; 10:00am


August 28…Clay Ministers’ Conf.; Riverside; 10:00am 


August 28…CWJC Prayer Time, GTBA office; 1pm