Golden Triangle Baptist Association
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Helping our churches to fulfill the Great Commission

 About Us:
      Welcome to the GTBA

Recognizing both our dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ and our interdependence in carrying out His mission on earth, we exist to assist our member churches in fulfilling the Great Commission by providing: Resources, Leadership Development, Coordination of Cooperative Missions and Encouragement! We are affiliated with the Mississippi Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.


The annual National Day of Prayer was established by federal law in 1952 when the United States Congress passed a joint resolution which was signed by President Harry Truman. The law was amended in 1988 calling upon the president each year to specifically designate the first Thursday in May as the official National Day of Prayer. The Christian Community in Prayer Committee, a concerned group of Christians, is privileged to sponsor the local observance.

         We invite the members of your church family to join with   hundreds of other local believers on the steps of the Lowndes County Courthouse on Thursday, May 7th to pray on behalf of our community and our nation. This praise and prayer filled event will be held during the noon hour, 12:00p.m. Last year’s event was well attended and a blessing to all.

As citizens and fellow Christians, let us join with others across our nation as we come together in prayer.  We look forward to  seeing you and your congregation at the Courthouse on May 7th.  Thank you for helping to make this a special day for our community.


Mount Zion Baptist Church is excited to host “21st Century Parenting,” a parenting conference on May 8-9 that deals with these specific issues. Our speaker, Dan Martin, is a pastor in the Dallas, TX area and a frequent seminar and conference speaker on topics addressing Family, Parenting, Christian Leadership, and Technology. He is a regular part of speaking teams for two ministries – pureHOPE and Family Matters.

This conference will be valuable for parents in any situation.

1. Parents of students in middle & high school have an immediate need for this information. Their students are dealing with these challenges now. 

2. Parents of young children will benefit from this conference by gaining the knowledge and confidence to start these conversations early and open the lines of communication as their children grow. 

3. We would also love for ministry leaders to take part in this event. It will equip you to counsel parents as they encounter the challenges presented by our culture. 

Here are the details for the weekend:

Friday, May 8, 6:30-8:30pm

Saturday, May 9, 9:30am-12:00pm

Childcare will be provided.

Tickets are $5 each, or you can purchase a table (8 tickets) for $35.

If you are interested in purchasing individual tickets or a table, please contact Eric Davis at your earliest convenience

Eric Davis                                                                                                                                                                           Youth Pastor                                                                                                                                                               Mount Zion Baptist Church                                                                                                                               662.328.2811-office    214.766.2690 -cell                                                                                              








Golden Triangle Baptist Association

Spring Meeting Highlights


           Our Spring Celebration was inspirational to all who  attended and we couldn’t have done it without East End Baptist Church of Columbus. Thanks so much to the staff and members who so graciously hosted the meeting. Also a  special thanks to Dr. Jimmy Porter for his message. He commended us for what we have done, and Challenged us to be the Salt and Stand in the Gap….the news has not improved with time. Where is the Salt?  Have you been to a church dinner and watched the ladies put out the salt/pepper shakers on each table?  They are used and needed to make that food taste just right; but when the meal is over, those same ladies take the salt/pepper shakers up and put them back in the cabinet!   Let’s get out of the church and into the world making a difference.  In the 1950’s when the church said something, people really listened.     But let’s also remember that too much salt can be just as bad as not enough salt…..there must be a balance.  We don’t need to be mean or difficult to people….we need to be loving, sharing God’s Word…..Purifying and Preserving!  Get Out of the Salt Shaker!   

30—Churches represented, 17— Pastors,


 Clay had 10 Churches + 6 Pastors

Lowndes had 12 Churches + 5 Pastors

Oktibbeha had 8 Churches + 6 Pastors

 A Total of 150+




2015 Associational Bible Drill  Report


Clay:    First  Baptist Church, West Point

                  Mrs. Thea Kay Tribble, facilitator

   8 Children

   7 Youth

   4 Churches Represented


Lowndes:   Fairview Bapt. Church, Columbus

          Mrs. Carla Hensley, facilitator

          19 Children

          19 Youth

            5 Churches Represented


OktibbehaFirst Baptist Church, Starkville

           Mrs. Leah Frances Eaton, facilitator

            17 Children

            13 Youth

              2 Churches Represented


Thank you to all who scored, kept time and called for our drills this year!